Home spas and hot tubs are now becoming more popular as years go by since it has become more affordable and reliable. It is crucial to know which good quality hot tub or home spa has the proper features that will suit your needs. Below are some of those that you need to know.



The main part of a spa is the shell. This part must always look good, sturdy and leak-free. Other spa parts are replaceable, but this one is not. There are two main parts of the shell. One is the surface which can vary in color depending on your preference and the other is the understructure which provides it strength. Some shells come with a special coating that can avoid stains, and there are also some that come with a material that is anti-bacterial. On the other hand, the understructure should be strong enough to withstand the spa's water pressure.


Another important part of a spa is the cabinet. It is usually made of wood like cedar or redwood. It is significant to a spa because of its color, its looks and its lifespan. However, maintenance is required. Usually, you can do this by staining every year and ensuring that water will not seep in and break it.


Manufactured materials has turned famous since it appears to be elegant and is long lasting with simpler maintenance as compared to earlier models. However, you must put into consideration the internal part's accessibility such as the heaters and pumps. In case you need an internal repair, there should be a panel that can be removed or an access door to decrease working time and labor costs. Check this service!


When it comes to the seating and jets, your purpose and needs should be the basis in choosing them. There are various seats and jets available in many different spa shops.


The fundamental spa parts are the heaters, pumps and controls. The pumps must suit the description of the spa. The type of pump that you need will depend on the amount of water. This is also true for heaters. Improper heater can lead to a constant water heating  or break itself due to over-usage. A well-matched with quality insulation will make your spa even more enjoyable.  Know more facts about spa parts at



Lastly, filters and purifiers are also as crucial as the other spa parts. There are cheaper filtration systems available, however there will be more expenses for chemicals and replacements. In case you want something long term, it is ideal to obtain a strong filtration and purification system with parts that are branded, view here!